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Tamale Metropolitan Assembly
P.O Box 4
Northern Region
W / Africa

Tel No: (+233-71) 22 653/22950
Fax No: (+233-71) 22653




The Government of the 1st Republic of Ghana ...approved a plan to build a new international airport to serve the military

eleven miles north of Tamale on realizing

its strategic position / importance. Although

the project got off to a bright start, it was abandoned with the overthrow of the regime

in 1966...


Some of the schools in Tamale

Tamale International School

Tamale Islamic Secondary

Tamale Polytechnic

Tamale Secondary School

Tamale Technical Institute

Tamale Women's Training College

Ghana Secondary Tamale

Northern School of Business Tamale

Business Secondary Tamale

Kalpohin Secondary Tamale

Vitting Sec/Tech. Tamale

St. Charles Secondary Tamale Boys

Islamic Science Senior Sec. Tamale

Tamale (pronounced 'tamalɛ) is the capital of the Northern Region of Ghana, with a population of 305,000 (2005).


Tamale -

Is mostly populated by Dagomba people who speak Dagbani and are followers of Islam.
It is located in the northern part of the country, where the land is savanna, consisting of grasslands with drought-resistant trees.
The city is like a conglomeration of villages, with many people living in traditional mud brick houses.
While majority of the houses are roofed with corrugated iron sheets, a good number of them are roofed with grass.
Many of these mud block compounds have TV antennae and electricity wires.
From Wikipedia

The University of Development Studies has a campus located in Tamale.

Tamale has electricity which is transported from the Akosombo Dam in the central part of Ghana.

The electricity service has been relatively reliable.
During periods of drought, Tamale experiences rolling blackouts because of the rationing of electricity (and water through the dam).
Telephone service is available in Tamale. Cell phones are also available in Tamale.
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There are several Internet cafes located on the major roads in Tamale.

The Internet cafes are connected through Africa Online, which also offers dialup service to home users.

Africa Online's Tamale office has a 256 kbit/s satellite link which is connected to a proxy server for web surfing.

All direct TCP/IP traffic is channeled through a 64 kbit/s line to Accra, the capital city.

Thus, the world wide web is perfectly usable in Tamale, but all other Internet applications experience packet loss and intermittent problems.


There are numerous NGOs with offices in Tamale:

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy, and Bible Translation (GILLBT)
Northern Empowerment Association (NEA)
Tamale Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies (TICCS)
Indeed, Tamale is often described as the NGO capital of Ghana because it hosts most of the offices of local and international NGOs operating in the municipality.

Tamale, apart from being the administrative capital of the Northern region of Ghana, is also the capital of the local government unit of Tamale Municipality.

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