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Ghana Tourism  - Paga - Paga Crocodile Ponds, Upper East region of Ghana

Paga Crodile PONDS - as there are about 4 different Ponds in Paga! Bring time with you and "shop" around, as each pond is charging a different fee! If you are ask to pay for a chicke.. make SURE, you get that chicken! Ask also alltime for your visitor ticket!



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 Entrance to a museum like area (opposite the chiefs pond of Paga), with some original 400 - 500 year old traditional buildings!

Nearby the crocodile pond a nicly decorated restaurant...


there is NO place to Puh, just for "small" "business!



Old Fetish objects and tools of the people from Paga and area. Right chair on picture is the chief.


 Well - this is as close, you ever get, without risking a limb....

Crocodiles are being fed with life chickens (small).

 Each visitor or visitor group is requested to buy one (price about £ 2 or $ 3 / July 2012)

There is also an entrance fee to pay. Use of a photo camera about $ 1, video camera $ 5.

Please make SURE to get a ticket! (otherwise the money lands up in some privat pockets!)

Why Crocodiles are Sacred in Paga


The history of the crocodiles of Paga is tied to Nave (Nah-vey`), paga`s patriarch and founder. Nave`s story goes back more than a dozen generations to Tampela and Kampala in the present day Burkina Faso and begins with Nave`s father, Prince Panlogo.

Upon his father`s death, Panlogo contested for the position of Pio (chief) but lost to his junior brother.

Dissatisfied with this turn of events, Panlogo left his sympatizers to the land of Tampela. People who supported his brother followed and the dispute escaleted into violence. Panlogo and his people fled the hostilities on horseback, and the enemy gave chase.

Panlogo and his followers came to a raging river with no means of crossing the water.  In the midst of their desperation, the people saw a crocodile at the water`s edge. Panlogo`s peole believed the spirits of their ancestors resided in crocodiles. Sensing that this was no ordinary crocodile, Panlogo approched the animal and pleaded for help crossing the river. In beseeching the crocodile, Panlogo swore that in return for it`s support, from this time forward, neither he nor his followers or decendants would kill or harm any crocodile or eat it`s flesh.

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Paga Crocodile Pond In Danger  (The Sun - Ghana Sept. 2009)


 Paga is a very small town with its own market North of Navrongo right on the Ghana/Burkina Faso border. It is noted for its sacred pond, which is a sanctuary for crocodiles.

The crocodiles are said to be totems for the people of Kassena who reside in Paga and the surrounding communities. It is believed that each native of Paga has a corresponding crocodile representing each person's soul.

To this day there are plenty of crocodiles in the Paga pond and crocodile meat is forbidden. At the Paga pond you can see people collecting water or doing their wash very close to crocodiles. Local tradition THE SUN was told by a caretaker has it that, there have been actual instances when deaths of important personalities in the community coincided with that of some crocodiles.

The reptiles are normally enticed out of the pond by the whistling of the caretaker and the brandishing of a fowl, which the crocodiles quickly snatch with their snouts. If you are courageous, you can sit on, or hold the beast's tail for a good camera pose.

The caretaker charges a fee for the fowl and basic interpretation. On the more commercial side of things the crocodiles have brought a sort of road-side tourist attraction to Paga. The caretakers of the Paga crocodile pond have said that if the place is not distilled it may ruin the existence of the tourist attraction.

Speaking to THE SUN in an interview one of the guards MR. Salifu Awewozem said that the existence of the pond is because of the torrential rains experienced for the past three years. One of the crocodiles which he said is ninety years old and many other of it type needs special feeding to keep them alive. Mr. Awewozem said the only source of feeding the crocodiles is when visitors buy fowls to attract them which he noted is not enough. He therefore appealed to government, friends of animals and other organizations to assist keep and sustain the existence of the crocodile pond.

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